Disney's Aladdin Dual Language Edition - February 02 - February 03, 2024

Mount Kisco Elementary School


We would like to extend a giant THANK YOU to all the special genies who helped to make our wishes come true! 


Disney, who graciously chose DLBE @MKES to pilot this incredibly special Aladdin, and who generously donated the fees associated with putting on a Disney Kids production.  


Lisa Mitchell: Thank you for bringing this project to MKES. Your ability and invaluable advice and guidance has made Aladdin, Dual Language edition shine!  


Inas Morsi-Hogans: Thank you for your tireless support of the Aladdin project, from start to finish. Especially, for your Fez hats, scarves, and jewelry donations! 


Jenn Wege and Jen Nuñez: Thank you for being the brains behind the money, and the organization behind producing Aladdin. Thank you for your commitment to our students and our school.  


Leigh Viviano: Thank you for your ability in grant writing that made Aladdin a fiscal reality!  


Angelica Dardón: Thank you for the beautiful, creative posters and marketing logos!  


Valerie Groccia: Thank you for your hard work on this playbill and Aladdin video! So special and important to this production.  


Michelle Schwartz: Thank you for understanding how hard it is to make a camel! We appreciate all your creativity and hard work.


Juan Barbecho: Who went beyond to build the sets for Aladdin, and then hand delivered them! We are so grateful to you! YOU ARE THE BEST!


Barbara McKeegan: Thank you for donating boxes and boxes of beautiful fabric, and for sewing so many gold capes, and vests!  


Anna Fritch and Laurie Clark: Thank you for your help communicating with parents! 


Laurie Clark: Thank you for creating Jazmín's costume! 


Rosie Castillo and Ron Rivas: Thank you for all your help and support especially during "crunch time." 


Matthew Vanacoro: Thank you for your expert advice to us along the way as we learned to produce an elementary school musical for the first time! 


The MKES Custodial Staff: Thank you for your help with Aladdin. 


The MKES PE team: Thank you all for being so generous and flexible with the sharing of the Gym/Auditorium space.   


MKES staff, families, and friends: Thank you to all who donated money, costume pieces, items from the Amazon Wishlist, and your support!  







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