Scarlet The Outlaws of Nottingham - May 20

Mount Moriah Christian School


ACT 1  
Scene 1
Featuring Female Solo 1&2, Sheriff, Gal, Tuck, Townspeople.
Scene 2
Off We Go 1  
Featuring Alan A' Dale
Scene 3
The Dawn Comes Softly  
Featuring Tuck and Robin
Scene 5
Bridge Song  
Young Alan and John
Scene 6
Nottingham Square  
Featuring All Cast Members
Scene 7
Featuring Robin and Marian
Scene 8
Marian's Plea  
Featuring Marian and Sheriff
Scene 10
Get That Sheriff  
Featuring Much, Flora, and Robin
Let Mercy Flow  
Featuring All Cast Members
Scene 11
Beyond The Reach  
Featuring Will and Merry Women
Scene 12
Off We Go Medley  
Featuring Alan A'Dale, Sheriff, Young Alan, John, Agatha, Flora, and Much.
Act 2  
Scene 1
Hope Is On The Rise  
Featuring All Cast Members
Off We Go 2  
Featuring Alan A'Dale
Scene 2
Our Evil Way  
Featuring Sheriff and Gal
Scene 4
More Than Watchmen For The Morning  
Featuring Marian, Flora, and Agatha
Scene 6
Featuring Will and Robin

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