The Crucible - January 05 - January 06, 2019

Mountain Ridge High School

 End Notes 

Notes from Mrs. Hale


I’ve been asked, “The Crucible??  Can they handle it?”  Or, “Wow!  This is going to be great!”


So, why the Crucible?  There are so many reasons to put this classic on the stage.  English classes throughout the county read this book, so I wanted to take something familiar and stage it.  Personally, my husband performed this show twice (Rev. Parris and Rev. Hale, yes, I see the irony).  So, the stage production is a little special to me.  But, honestly, the main reason for doing this show is to give our students an opportunity to hone their acting skills. 


Many of these students are planning careers in theatre, either on stage or behind the scenes.  This experience has given the students opportunities to step beyond themselves, dig deep, and perhaps connect with characters that are nothing like them.  


The students love to be part of spring musicals.  However, dramas are very different.  The students are learning that they cannot rely on an upcoming song or dance to propel the story line.  They have to rely on memory, intent, and motivation to make the play work.


The Crucible is a piece of history that is not just about the Salem Witch trials.  There is so much more to discover.


I stopped worrying about the audience (no offense), and have tried to make this a positive learning experience for the students.  Has this been challenging?  You bet!  Has it been worth it?  Indeed it has. 


As an educator, I see that this is a learning experience.  If we are able to entertain as well, that’s just icing on the cake.  Not only is this a learning experience in acting, students are able to learn the behind the scene duties as well.  With this show, I gave a budding lighting and set designer free reign to experiment.  What Braxton has been able to envision is just astonishing. 


So, you see, this is more than about entertaining.  This is about students finding themselves, trusting their instincts, and learning what they need to do to be better performers and member of a society. 


Special thanks to Dana Bridges for stepping up to help me direct this show.  Getting back into the groove has been difficult for me.  Without her support, vision, and enthusiasm, this show would not have been possible.  And, without the extra work by John Byzon and his students, the set would not have come to life. 


Mrs. Michaela Hale 

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