The Pirates of Penzance (New York Shakespeare Festival version) - May 04 - May 07, 2017

Munster High School


Pour, O pour the pirate sherry  
Pirates, Samuel
When Frederic was a little lad  
Oh, better far to live and die  
Pirate King, Pirates
Oh, false one, you have deceived me!  
Frederic, Ruth
Climbing over rocky mountain  
Wards, Edith, Kate
Stop, ladies, pray!  
Frederic, Edith, Kate, Wards
Oh, is there not one maiden breast  
Frederic, Mabel, Wards
Poor wandering one!  
Mabel, Wards
What ought we to do  
Edith, Kate, Wards
How beautifully blue the sky  
Wards, Mabel, Frederic
Stay, we must not lose our senses  
Frederic, Wards, Pirates
Hold, monsters!  
Mabel, Samuel, Major-General, Wards, Pirates
I am the very model of a modern Major-General  
Major-General, Wards, Pirates
Oh, men of dark and dismal fate  
Oh, dry the glistening tear  
Wards, Mabel
Then, Frederic, let your escort lion-hearted  
Major-General, Frederic
When the foeman bares his steel  
Sergeant, Mabel, Edith, Major- General, Police, Wards
Now for the pirates’ lair!  
Frederic, Pirate King, Ruth
When you had left our pirate fold  
Ruth, Frederic, Pirate King
Away, away! My heart’s on fire  
Ruth, Pirate King, Frederic

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