A Most Curious Phenomenon - October 04 - October 07, 2018

Munster High School

 End Notes 

Directors' Notes


More often than not, the slipper doesn’t fit, the frog and the prince are equally slimy, and the damsel is the one doing the rescuing. The reality of young love is that things don’t always go as the story does, and that’s beautiful. But as A Most Curious Phenomenon demonstrates, it can also be perplexing, saccharine, uncomfortable, and downright hilarious! Let the sass and science of this sidesplitting satire warm your heart—and your brain—as our lab demonstrates that there is no equation to explain the our most fundamental emotion: love.



Producer's Notes

As adults, it can be easy to dismiss the young love of teenagers as they take their first forays into the world of relationships.  How often we forget that teens want to know what relationships are like and to find "the one."  And when it doesn't work out, tragedy has befallen their world.  


This play takes a humorous look at a number of relationships:  teen, parent-child, and even scientist-world!  I hope that as you watch you will connect to at least one of the vignettes presented as our scientists attempt to explain why people fall in love!


And though we are living in the #metoo world, and much discussion is taking place about how men and women treat one another, I hope that you also see this show for what we aim it to be:  a look at the innocence of young people making their first forays into the tumultuous world of love.  We want you to be able to laugh at their experiences.  Not because they are silly or inconsequential, but because we've been there!  And that helps to unite us all.


Our actors have enjoyed giving voice to their hopes and struggles, both the good and the bad!  Thank you for your support of these youngartists as they entertain you and remind us all that their voices matter!


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