Improv Nights 2018 - January 11 - January 12, 2018

Munster High School

 Who's Who 

  • Ariana Casas head shot

    Ariana Casas

    Ariana has been on auditorium staff since second semester of last year. She worked on costumes for last spring’s musical Pirates of Penzance. Improv Nights will be her fist show as an actress on stage. She discovered an interest in imporv after taking Theater Arts her freshman year. She loves the challenge of thinking so quickly and creatively. 

  • Ashley Glover head shot

    Ashley Glover

    Ashley Glover has been in a few Munster Theater Company productions. She was the Herald in The Trials of Robin Hood, as well as the detective in The Detective in 8th grade. 

  • Carina Crisan head shot

    Carina Crisan

    Carina was introduced to acting in fifth grade, when she was given a main role in Eads Elementary School's holiday show. She was part of the WWMS Theater Company, with the role of Fairy 1 in Haphazardly Ever After. This year's Improv Nights will be Carina's first performance as a member of the MHS Theater Company, and is very excited for the opportunity. 

  • Demetrios Fotopoulos head shot

    Demetrios Fotopoulos

    Laughter. Demetrios Fotopoulos had always loved experiencing it and making others experience it as well.  Demetrios has been in multiple Munster Theater Company productions including Haphazardly Ever After, The Trials of Robin Hood, and It's Not You, It's Me.

  • James Sroge head shot

    James Sroge

    James is a junior at Munster, and has been involved in MTC since freshman year. He has done countless shows, some of which are the likes of Working, Cinderella, Get Smart, and Pirates of Penzance. James is very excited to continue his theater involvement with the Improv Show.

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