You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Revised 1999) - April 28 - May 01, 2022

Munster High School


Cast Members  
Sally Brown (4/29 and 5/1)  
Sarah Espiritu  
Sally Brown (4/28 and 4/30)  
Taylor Perez  
Lucy van Pelt (4/29 and 5/1)  
Jaylin Turner  
Lucy van Pelt (4/28 and 4/30)  
Delaney Craig  
Snoopy (4/29 and 5/1)  
Clover Sarkady  
Snoopy (4/28 and 4/30)  
Ava Jordan Fefferman  
Jim Ferguson  
Charlie Brown  
Evvy Kikkert  
Linus van Pelt (4/28 and 4/30)  
Joey Hladek  
Linus van Pelt (4/29 and 5/1)  
Charlie Ilijevski  
Neighborhood Kids  
Isaiah Brundige, Tayo Clark, Clara Dumaresq, Kyle Farnell, Tara Gaither, Leah O'Connell, Cynthia Ortiz, Lucia Salazar, Ava Rozmanich, Emma Starkey, Tina Tsataros
Production / Creative  
Stage Manager  
Isidora Pavlic  
Stage Manager  
Josephine Mittelberger  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Seamus Keegan  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Lucas Opiola  
Lighting Design  
Robert Brunetti  
Sound Design  
Seamus Keegan  
Sound Design  
Josh Decker  
Props Technician  
Haylo Morgan  
Costume Design  
Catherine Cronin  
Costume Design  
Gia Cvitkovich  
Set Construction and Painting  
Technical Theatre Classes

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