Disney Moana JR. - July 30 - August 01, 2020

Musical Theatre of Anthem

 Musical Numbers 




In the Beginning...

Tulou Tagaloa

Where You Are (Part 1)

Where You Are (Part 2)

How Far I'll Go

We Know the Way

Where You Are (Reprise)

How Far I'll Go (Reprise)

You're Welcome

Warrior Face (Part 1)

Warrior Face (Part 2)
Warrior Face (Part 3)
Shiny (Part 1)
Shiny (Part 2)
Song of the Ancestors
Warrior Face (Reprise) / Logo Te Pate
Know Who You Are
Te Fiti Restored
Tulou Tagaloa (Reprise)
We Know the Way (Reprise)

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