The Warmth of the Cold - September 28 - September 30, 2018

Nashua Theatre Guild

 End Notes 

Director notes:

Someone asked me during our rehearsals “How do you like hearing your words on stage?”

“Words?” I said.

I’ve always found this question hard to answer.

A play is an idea. It’s a feeling. It’s an expression of truth, or sometimes an expression of lies. It’s musical. It’s silence. It’s a chorus of all these things, bold and meek, beautiful and fleeting. A dream. Magic. Words.

It is a culmination of a process. Actors learning their characters, and discussing that. We spent one whole rehearsal discussing a moment in the play that lasts maybe 30 seconds. I sat down with Scott Lacroix to discuss the set design and then he designed the set you will see. He did this from reading the script and interpreting it. Tyler Soucy read the script and watched a rehearsal and designed the lights for the show. Val Wisneski did the same things for the images in the projections. Several others helped dress the set and painted it.

It’s a collaboration of voices, of artistic interpretation of an idea, a feeling, an expression of truth.

You are a part of the process. You will watch the play and it — hopefully — will affect you in some way that will stick with you. Something you will take home and think about for a while. Maybe something will come around later that reminds you of this play and the night you were here, with us, dreaming.

All that makes me feel — indebted to this cast and crew who have found something that they love in those words.

Thank you.

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