Much Ado About Nothing - July 27 - August 04, 2019

Nashua Theatre Guild
Nashua Theatre Guild
27th Annual Shakespeare in the Park


By William Shakespeare

Directed by

Amy Mackay & Katy Carter


Stage Manager 

Valerie Wisneski

 Asst Stage Manager

Kelli Loughlin


Chuck Emmons


TS Event Productions



Beatrice – Anja Parish
Benedick – Cody Mitchell
Hero – Dorothy Parsons
Claudio – Brendan Mackay
Donna Pedra – Linda Pilla
Donna Joah – Liz Fontanella
Leonato – Chuck Emmons
Margaret – Katy Carter
Borachio – Nathan Floyd
Conrad/Friar Francis – Alicia O’Dwyer
Dogberry/Verges – Alyssa Branciforte
Sexton – Rebecca Manning
Messenger – Ellie King

Watchmen – Sarah Levesque,

Catherine Mudd


Directors Notes

Everythings a little off? Good! When we designed Much Ado, we wanted to show how love comes in different forms: 

*Selfless love, Donna Pedra helps Claudio and Benedick, or family love, like Hero and Beatrice.

*Idealized/romantic love, Claudio and Hero, everything is always perfect... till it's not. 

*Realistic love, Beatrice and Benedick, it isn’t perfect but built with both partners.

When you see the things on stage that don’t quite match, styles of architecture and costumes from different periods, you’re seeing our exaggerated representations of love. Shakespeare’s words about love have lasted all these centuries, no matter how many different ways we dress them up, because they help us realize the truth about something we all experience.  You dont have to make a a big deal about something that can be simple and honest. Thank you so much for coming, and enjoy the show!