Miracle on 34th Street - December 04 - December 06, 2014

New Horizon Theatre

 Miracle on 34th Street 

The action of the play takes place in New York City, one winter in the 1930’s.
Scene One:    5th Avenue, Friday After Thanksgiving
Scene Two:    Macy’s Department Store, The Next Day
Scene Three:    Macy’s Department Store, The Following Tuesday
Scene Four:    Macy’s Department Store, The Next Morning
Scene Five:    Doris’ apartment, That Evening
Scene Six:      Macy’s Department Store, One Week Later
Scene Seven:    Macy’s Employee Meeting Room, That Evening
Scene Eight:    Bellevue State Hospital, Men’s Ward; The Next Morning
Scene One:    Judge Harper’s Courtroom, One Week Later
Scene Two:    Judge Harper’s Courtroom, The Next Day
Scene Three:    Judge Harper’s Courtroom, The Following Monday
Scene Four:    An Italian Restaurant, That Evening
Scene Five:    Courtroom, The Following Day
Scene Six:    Courtroom, Immediately Following
Scene Seven:    Courtroom, Later That Day
Scene Eight:    Mail Room at The NY City Post Office, That Evening
Scene Nine:    Courtroom, Christmas Eve Morning
Scene Ten:    Courtroom, Later That Morning
Scene Eleven:    5th Avenue, Christmas Day

The New Horizon Theatre is a non-smoking facility.

Due to copyright restrictions, no video or audio recording is allowed.

For the safety of our cast and the enjoyment of our audience,

the use of flash is prohibited. 

Please silence all electronic devices during performances.

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