Twelve Angry Men - October 30 - November 01, 2014

New Horizon Theatre


Cast Members  
Jessica Yearta  
Jury Foreman  
Steve Thomas  
Juror #2  
Jared Duskin  
Juror #3  
Chad Kendrick  
Juror #4  
Mike Morehouse  
Juror #5  
Brian Green  
Juror #6  
Roy Royster  
Juror #7  
Tim Boyd  
Juror #8  
Skinner McLane  
Juror #9  
William (Bill) Kochan  
Juror #10  
Neal Brumbeloe  
Juror #11  
Rick Adams  
Juror #12  
Bobby Edmondson  
Production / Creative  
Bill Nixon  
Asst Director  
Noelle Reed  
Stage Manager  
Jessica Yearta  
Technical Director  
James Alsobrook  
Carole May  
Audrey Rushan  
Props Master  
Elizabeth Rouquie  



 The action of the play takes place in The Jury Room of a murder trial.


Summer, 1977


ACT ONE: Late Afternoon

ACT TWO:  A Second or Two Later

ACT THREE:  Immediately Following


There will be a ten minute intermission between Acts Two and Three.




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