The Addams Family - May 02 - May 04, 2019

New Horizon Theatre


Crew Members  
Bill Nixon  
Musical Directors  
Karen Cagle, Deanna Fuller, Andrea Sanders
Technical Director  
James Alsobrook  
Stage Manager  
Gracie Lehman  
Lynsay Oleson, Matt Oleson, Cassie Ellerbie
Dance Captain  
Heather Connelly  
Set Design  
Bill Nixon  
Set Construction  
James Alsobrook, Deborah Bellesfield, Cora Connelly, Garner Dorminy, James Dorminy, Andie Hardage, Chuck Hardage, Anabelle Kelley, Gracie Lehman, Carole May, Sophie McDow, Bill Nixon
Tech Crew  
Amy McDow, Morgan Ayres, Cameron Grimes
Stage Crew  
Sophie McDow, James Dorminy
Windy deCastro  
Windy deCastro, Lydia Johnson, Cassie Ellerbie, Becca McDow
Special Effects and Props  
Sophie McDow  
Box Office Manager  
Lisa Turner  
Ticket Manager  
Margaret Bartlett  
Debbie McLane, Cindy Calhoun
Ushers and Concessions  
Keith McDow, Connie Beilfuss, Deborah Bellesfield, Jenna Fuller, Kim Hundley, Clint Capps, Mary Capps, Evers Capps, Aubry-Stephens Capps
Graphic Design, Program  
Amy McDow  
Lori Harrell, Amy McDow, Bill Nixon


New Horizon Theatre Production Staff


Managing Artistic Director  :  Bill Nixon

Technical Director  :  James Alsobrook  

Box Office Manager  :  Lisa Turner  

Wardrobe Manager  :  Carole May  

House Manager  :  Lydia Johnson

Publicity Manager  :  Eddie Lanier 

Marketing Manager  :  Amy McDow

Guild Director  :  Lynsay Oleson

Custodians  :  Penny and Jordan Weston

Bell Museum Historian  :  Linda Brown



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