The Outsiders - February 28 - March 03, 2019

New Horizon Theatre

  From NHCT's Managing Artistic Director  

Welcome to New Horizon Community Theatre!


At NHCT and the George Nader Bell Museum, we consider the arts to be an integral part of the community’s growth and an essential part of arts education.  Over the past 32 years New Horizon Theatre and its predecessor, The Painted Rock Players, has presented over 500 performances to more than 75,000 patrons.  During those 33 seasons thousands of performers have graced our stage with hundreds more working backstage.  In addition, during the past five years hundreds of visitors have toured the George Nader Bell Museum.


NHCT not only serves as a performing arts outlet for members of our community and entertaining production for our audiences, but we are also dedicated to supporting educational resources for our youth.  Our summer performing arts workshop has benefitted more than 200 campers over the past nine years.  We have also provided 59 graduating seniors with scholarships for their continued educational studies. 


We strive to make our productions available to all in our extended community and do everything in our power to keep ticket prices as low as possible (admission to the Bell Museum is FREE!).  We operate on a tight budget and depend on ticket prices to cover all production expenses.  This season alone we have paid over $7,000 in royalties and related fees just to give us the rights to present these shows.  Add the cost of costumes, makeup, lighting, sound, sets, publicity, props, programs, ticketing, etc. and you have our Production Budget for the season.  Fortunately, our attendance remains high and ticket purchases typically cover these expenses.


Our challenge comes from trying to maintain a state-of-the-art theatre building and all the expenditures that go along with that:  utilities, taxes, upkeep and repairs, supplies, scholarships, and . . . you get the picture.  All these things place our operating budget at around $60,000 annually.


For this reason we are very thankful to our patrons, whose contributions help us supplement these expenses and help us invest in providing our hard-working and talented actors, crew, and staff as well as the community at large with the type of facilities, equipment, and productions they deserve.


If you are already a patron, we again thank you for your support!!  If you are not already a patron, we invite you to become one.  Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help support the arts in our community. 


We also rely heavily on volunteers to help with our productions and the daily operation of our facility and the George Nader Bell Museum.  If you are interested in becomming a part of the NHCT family or if you are looking for a way to give back to our community in a unique way, please see any of our staff members for more information.  We would love to have your assistance!


Again, we thank you for your support.  If you have questions or suggestions for improving your theatre experience, please let us know.  And as always, enjoy the show!


- Bill

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