Disney's High School Musical - One Act Edition - March 19 - March 21, 2020

New Life Christian School

  Shout Outs!!!  

To Bella and Maddie Evans


Congrats on an amazing perfromance! So very proud of you both for everything you do both behind the scenes and on stage!

Love XO, Mom & Dad



To Keera Irons


Keera, we can't believe that this is it! You have become a beautiful and talented young woman. You have accomplished so many wonderful things since coming to New Life. We can't wait to see what the future holds for you.

We are so proud of you! You're on the big stage tonight! Break a leg!

Love, Mom, Dad, and Elias



To Macey Poole


Macey! We are so proud of you! We know you pushed yourself for this.

Congrats to you and all the amazing talent in NLCS HSM!

Love you- Dad, Mom, Savannah, and Rachel



To Marshall Robinson


Marshall, we are so proud of you for trying something new this year, like being ON stage instead of behind it or in the lighting booth. We hope you have fun with this new venture. Now, others will get to hear the gift of singing that we occassionally hear coming from the shower.

Much love, Mom, Dad, Darius, and Xavier



To Xavier Robinson


Welcome back to the stage! We are excited to see you in action again. We are so proud of you for trying something you thought you would never do...a musical! Thanks for investing all the time that you did to be a part of this production.

Have a great time!

Much love, Mom, Dad, Darius, & Marshall



To Christian Crider


Congratulations and best wishes to Christian

and the entire cast and crew of the High School Musical production!

Love Mom, Dad, and Addison




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