G2K Once Upon A Mattress - October 16 - October 18, 2019

Noe Middle School


Student Scenic Artists

It takes an army of students and parents to make a show happen.  Enough thanks cannot be given to the following students for devoting their time, energy, and creativity.  Their imagination and craft have brought the set before you to life.


Justin Huyn        Ally Maultsby             Timmy Osborne

Amarah Menezes     Cadence Kendrick-Worman   Noah Walsh

Allie Green        Leila Reily               Flora Biro

Amelia Jones       Milana Simpson            Dayvon Rice

Rachel Shumate     Geraldine del Rosario     Olena Makhnovets

Sariah Gaston      Mary Bothe                Dani Plamp

   Bella “Izzy” Whitaker           Fabian de Oca Marrero


Students painting
Scenic Artists priming new flats.


Additional Thanks

To Jennifer Cave and the administration of Noe Middle School, for their unending support.


To the PTSA for their substantial financial contribution to the new lighting system.  We'd be in the dark without them.


To Mr. Gribbins, the heartbeat of Noe Middle School, for everything. Really.  EVERYTHING.  THE MAN DOES EVERYTHING.


To Assistant Superintendent Michelle Dillard & the Middle School Support Team.


To Yolanda and the custodial crew for being supportive and providing us with a clean and functional space to rehearse and perform.


To all of the parents of the cast and crew who came by to help with the set, costumes and more.


To the Materials Production department, for the amazing services they offer to the students and employees of JCPS. This Playbill wouldn't be in your hands without them.






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