The Theory of Relativity - May 14 - May 16, 2021

Nordhoff High School


Along with thanking the entire cast for their extraordinary work in preparing for something they've never done before - from auditioning online to Zoom rehearsals to recording individually for group numbers and lip-syncing on video with a green screen, there are several people that worked tirelessly to pull it all off:


Many thanks have to go to our director, Brian McDonald, for stearing our ship on course from beginning to end.


Thanks go out to Bill Wagner for the vision of moving forward with a virtual production and choosing a show that not only was well-suited for us, but also for choosing a show with a lot of meaning as we continue to navigate these turbulant waters.


For many years our productions have been under the skillful management of Jim Halverson as producer. He always makes sure we're on track and under budget. Thanks for all your years backing this project.


Jen Miller has lent her outstanding expertise in filmmaking making sure we captured the entire show. She also spent many hours organizing all the hundreds of clips to capture just the right look for the whole production.


Hats off to our sound engineer, James Antunezwho had little idea of the amount of work he was in for recording an entire show and editing it too. James, thank you for providing all the great equipment and your time and talent.


A big thank you to our production manager, Lin Coleman, for being sure students, parents and all the production crew were on the same page, organized and moving forward.


Thank you to Asli Ruf for taking care of "getting the word out".


Although this show isn't in person and you won't be greeted by her smiling face this year, it's great to have Robyn Halverson back in the box office again. 


A big thank you to Claire Cleary and Adam Dunn for helping rig the lighting we used for our green screen shots.


Thank you Abra Flores for providing one of the most important parts of our production - the giant green screen that took up the entire Matilija stage and allowed us to utilize this great technology for our production.


Thanks goes out to the Ojai Unified School District Administration (Dr. Tiffany Morse, superintendent & Dr. Sherrill Knox, assistant superintendent) and Nordhoff High School Adminstration (David Monson, Jaime Rooney & Jim Hall) for continued support of this special event.


A big thank you goes out to the administration of Matilija Middle School (Chris Murphy & Kelly Stone) for letting us keep our green screen set up in the auditorium for weeks and for giving us access to the MMS gym too.

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