The SpongeBob Musical-Youth Edition - April 12 - April 13, 2024

North Broward Preparatory School

 Who's Who 

  • Endre Bermudez head shot

    Endre Bermudez

    as Gary Puppeteer, Sardine, Sponge

    Endre is thrilled to be a part of his very first production at North Broward Prep! He is in 6th grade and can't wait for everyone to see the show. Endre previously played roles in his lower school productions of 101 Dalmatians and The Jungle Book. Endre would like to thank the rest of the talented cast/crew for their hard work and dedication, as well as his teachers and family for their endless support.

  • Victoria Blauberg head shot

    Victoria Blauberg

    as Sardine 3, Cowgirl Fish, Sponge

    Victoria's boundless love for theater is infectious, shining through in every aspect of her performance. From her animated facial expressions to her dynamic movements, she eagerly anticipates sharing her passion with the audience. Victoria extends her heartfelt gratitude to her teachers for their guidance and her family for their unwavering support throughout her journey.

  • Blair Buscemi head shot

    Blair Buscemi

    as Electric Skate 2, Angel Fish

    Blair is delighted to be a part of her second musical at North Broward! She has had the privilege of studying under Mrs. Lutz in the middle school theatre program since moving to Florida to attend NBPS. She has recently signed with L.A. talent agency, Exclusive Artists Agency, to further pursue her love of film & TV. Blair can be seen in the 2023 award-winning film, Space Transports.

  • Lily Christensen head shot

    Lily Christensen

    as Sardine, Townfish 1, Sponge

    Lily is so excited to be a part of SpongeBob The Musical! Lily loves theatre and being involved in the productions. She would like to thank her fellow cast mates, teachers and family for their support and encouragement. 

  • Emi Costa head shot

    Emi Costa

    as Squidward

    Emi is so happy to be in her 6th production at North Broward. She is currently in 8th grade and is so excited to be a part of SpongeBob The Musical. She is so grateful for all her cast mates' hard work and dedication. Big thank you to her director, choreographer, and music director for the amount of work they put in for everyone in the show. Enjoy the show!

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