So This Is Love - July 20

North Carolina Governor's School East


Cast Members  
Durant Long  
Deborah, Maid of Honor's Grandma  
Saira Sadhwani  
Roger, Maid of Honor's Grandpa  
Kasen Walker  
Lana, The Maid of Honor  
Izzy Twiss  
Kate, The DJ  
Bethany Pryor  
The Wedding Planner  
Milo Kidd Timberlake  
Ella, The Wedding Crasher  
Sophie Taylor  
Sally, The Groom's Aunt  
Sienna Piscitelli  
Dr. John Rogers, The Groom's Father  
Evyn Finch  
Mr. Jackson Rogers, The Groom's Father  
Eli Brown  
Natalie, The Groom's Childhood Friend  
Quinn Gilbert  
Abby, The Photographer  
McKenna Lawler  
Stephen, The Groom  
Donovan Sanders  
Lydia, The Bride  
Mia Spies  
Production / Creative  
Assistant Director  
Keaton Brower  
Assistant Director  
Meredith K. Brown  
J. Harvey Stone  

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