The Secret Garden - March 24 - March 25, 2023

Northlake Christian School


This spring production of The Secret Garden combines the unique and varied talents of over thirty students, staff and parents.  The entire ensemble would like to say a very special thank you to the following:


- Mr. Martin for his continued support, not only to this production, but to the entire Fine Arts program.


- Mrs. Vega for supporting me in all my craziness and fumblings.  Without her encouragement I would be pulling out more of my hair, and there's not that much left.


- The parents, teachers and coaches of the ensemble for their cooperation and understanding of the huge time commitment necessary for the success of this production.


- Mrs. Daram Choi who spent countless hours learning and teaching the intricate music to us and for her accompaniment skills.


- Mr. Dominick Vega for his steadfast vocal lessons and assisting me in directing this production


- Mrs. Carroll, Lower School Music Teacher, for the time she put into recording the vocal parts for this production.


- Ms. Chappell's class for their talented artistry in painting some set pieces.


- Mrs. West for her beautiful floral bouquets.


- All the parents who volunteered their time and services, including ticket sales, set decorations, painting, sewing and all the other little things that bring together a production of this caliber.


- The entire custodial staff for their help and understanding.


- The students of this production.  I hope it is an experience you will enjoy for a long time.


- Ginger for making me dinner, or breakfast, no matter what time I got home from rehearsals.  The best 48 years any man can ask for.


- To anyone I didn't mention, I apologize.  



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