West Side Story - November 21 - December 07, 2019

Northridge High


Crew Members  
Principal Brian Hunt  
Jana Coates  
Music Director  
Jemay Marden  
Assistant Director  
Autumn Coates  
Lignt/Sound Designer  
Dustin Smith  
Combat Director  
Nick Balaich  
Acting Coach  
Taylor Knuth  
Stage Manager  
Shalisa Jensen  
Light Board Operators  
Brynlee Fugal
Brandon Lewis
Head Spotlight  
Baylee Maevers  
Second Spotlight  
William Cannon  
ASM Stage Right  
Madi Johnson  
Xavier Coulson
Nathan Zolnik
Stage Hand  
Dave Roberson
ASM Stage Left  
Tanner Poppleton  
Quick Changes/Prop Master  
Katie Colbree  
Stage Hands  
Danielle Loveland
Alexander Ingleby
Julian Gudat  
Colleen Checketts, Crystal Hagelberg, Melissa Simmons, Kim Munster, Liz Whatcott, Lisa Frost, Heather Judkins, Melissa Erickson
Set Build  
Dan Landroche, Ray Clayton, Jason Poppleton, Darrin Snarr, Jon Talbot, Uriah Kennedy, David Theurer, Chad Hogan, Jeremy Sewell, David Benge, Dave Harris, David Nelson, Mike Manzolini, Ben Simmons, Wynn Erickson
Tech President  
Shalisa Jensen  
Tech Vice President  
Kelly Miles  
Tech Secretary  
Rush Cox  
Artistic Director  
Morgan Ivey  
Special Thanks  
Morgan Ivey, Rush Cox, and Dustin Smith

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