Footloose - November 30 - December 05, 2020

Northridge High

  Director's Notes  

Director's Notes


If you feel weird sitting in an auditorium, trust me- we feel weird on stage and in the booth.  What a world it has become?  I hope if you are here, you see the benefit of the arts to young people.  If I have learned anyting in the last nine months, it is that this art is NEEDED for students and our entire community.   I am so grateful we have been able to work on this show as limited as it has been.  We have had exactly one rehearsal the entire month of November with the entire cast. We also had one and a half tech days. Each cast got two hours to remember an entire show.  What you are seeing before you is the sheer tenacity of teenagers who have been focused on a common goal.  A desire to perform for you.  If you see flaws, you can choose to focus on those, or you can choose see a miracle. For me, the perfectionist, I could not be more proud of what these kids have accomplished with literally NO time. I hope you will listen to the message they are trying to send.  Their voices ring loud and clear to me; they will take this negative and turn it into a positive.  They will come together in the most amazing way, and show you some joy and happiness through the tale of an old 80's show that I love dearly.   I have directed this musical twice before, and I have played the role of Vi.  I love this silly, cheesy, powerful and uplifiting show.  I hope you leave feeling happier than you were when you came.  I hope you find the joy in this performance, and that you walk away humming the tunes.  Please be a good audience, because these kids deserve some serious cheering and applause.  They each lost a show last year that they worked on.  Some were at the Jr. high and others here, but no matter what- they did lose an entire show.  Please cheer for them!  We are following all health guidelines.  Be aware that they are masking up and sanitizing them moment they leave the stage. The amount of judgement juxtaposed with sincere love and grattitude has been overwhelming.  There are so many voices to listen to, I have felt dizzy. Thank you for understanding this tough position. I love this group of kids more than words can say.  

Thank you.  Love to you all for supporting teens in such a big undertaking during such a hard time. 


Thank you to Brayden Singly for your crazy talented self coming to be my partner in crime.  There is no way you would have been able to do so much if not for COVID clearing your calendar, so for that I am grateful. ;) What a wonderful collaboration we are creating!


Thank you Macie Naumann for coming back and teaching the music during such a WEIRD time.  You are delightful.  Teaching music on ZOOM is not for the faint of heart! 


Thank  you Dustin Smith for always coming, lighting the stage, and making the show sound and look amazing.  You amplify all the hard work the kids do.  We would not be able to do any of this without you.  Thanks for being willing to surround yourself with cranky teens!


Thank you to all our parent Volunteers who have fed, sanitized, encouraged, and loved.  Without you, we could not have pulled this off.


Always thanks to Jemay Marden for being my partner in crime even at home on maternity leave.  The level of your talent is insane. 


Super thanks to our supportive Admin at NHS who love the arts and support us to the fulllest.  Thank you for seeing the value in the arts. 

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