The Mystery of Edwin Drood - May 19 - May 22, 2022

Northstar Playmakers


Cast Members  
CHAIRMAN / Miss Wilma Cartwright  
Noelle Giordano  
STAGE MANAGER / Miss Jane Throttle  
Meghan McLaughlin  
JOHN JASPER / Mr. Clive Paget  
Austin Tovar  
EDWIN DROOD / Miss Alice Nutting  
Kristina DeLelle  
ROSA BUD / Miss Deirdre Peregrine  
Maddi Anderson  
HELENA LANDLESS / Miss Janet Conover  
Sarah Barry  
NEVILLE LANDLESS / Mr. Victor Grinstead  
Niko Rinaldi  
REVEREND CRISPARKLE / Mr. Cedric Moncrieffe  
Teo Boruchin  
THE PRINCESS PUFFER / Miss Angela Prysock  
Rebecca Masi  
DURDLES / Mrs. Nicole Cricker  
Grace Gerard  
DEPUTY / Miss Nikki Cricker  
America Laist  
*FLO / Miss Florence Gill  
Jana Coppola  
BAZZARD / Miss Phillipa Bax  
Sophia Masone  
MABEL / Miss Gwendolyn Pynn  
Gillian Phillips  
WENDY / Miss Sarah Cooke  
Claire Chasanoff  

* Featured Dancer, Dance Captain

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