The Theory of Relativity - January 11 - January 14, 2022

Northwood High School (Irvine, CA)


We express our deep appreciation to the families of all of our students involved in tonight’s production. Their vision, generosity and enthusiasm have greatly enhanced the Northwood High School Visual and Performing Arts programs’ ability to engage the entire community through educational and artistic productions.  The Northwood High School Visual and Performing Arts Programs would like to thank and recognize the continual support from those who have made and continue to make this all possible:


Terry Walker, Superintendent – IUSD

IUSD Board of Education


Leslie Roach, Principal –Northwood High School

Eric Keith, Assistant Principal

Kortney Tambara, Assistant Principal

Jennifer Ollila, Assistant Principal

Brad Van Patten, Coordinator Visual and Performing Arts – IUSD

James Adling, Theater Manager

Peter Fatzaun, Media Specialist

Chris Yin, Technology Support Specialist

Leanne Lauritzen, Administrative Assistant to the Principal

Andrea Giacone, Facilities Secretary

Jennifer Petrosian, Susan Weatherholt and NHS ASB

Ernie Medina, Plant Foreman

Junior Santillan

The Faculty and Staff of Northwood High School

Stephen Sellwood and the NTV Staff

Marina Alburger and The Howler Staff

Jeanna Heck and the Northwood Yearbook Staff

Steven Snyder, Sound Engineering Mentor

Darcie and Troy Magino, Broadway Arts Studio

IUSD Print Shop

Music Theatre International


Home Depot

J. Farber & Associates

The friends and families of our cast members for the nights they gave to our production!

The Students and Parents of the Northwood Arts Programs



Everyone is important to us.

If we omitted or misspelled your name,

Please accept our apologies.

Thank you.


All NHS Activities and Clubs follow the IUSD Non-Discrimination Policy; BP 5145.5

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