Disney's Descendants the Musical - March 16 - March 18, 2023

Northwood Middle School


The cast, crew, and entire production team would like to extend a special thanks to...


  • Scott Haines and Michelle St. John for supporting the Northwood Drama program
  • All of the parents of cast and crew members who donated their time, energy, and talents to help us put together our production
  • Kathy Angus for putting in the extra time and work to help us with the financial side of things
  • Ray Clark and the Northwood custodial staff for all your help with the facility as we prepared for the production
  • Carrie Duggan for not only helping out with costumes but also sewing our curtain back together
  • Jenni Yager for EVERYTHING! We are so lucky to get to have you at Northwood next year!
  • Amy Campbell for always being willing to help with whatever we need
  • Jan Nelson for stepping in and providing us with your vocal expertise
  • Peter McCarthy King for all your help setting up our lighting and your words of technical advice
  • Jeffrey Gordon for all your help with the sound equipment
  • Roger Parry for building us our acting cubes
  • Bill Huls at Renton Civic Theatre for lending us the trash can for our set
  • The Russell, Sidwell, and Larimer families for allowing us to borrow items for our set
  • Christina Tolomei and Karen Sidwell for coordinating the beautiful baskets for us to sell
  • Starbucks for your item donations
  • All of the local businesses who graciously permitted us to display our posters


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