Into the Woods - April 11 - April 13, 2019

Notre Dame High School

 End Notes 

Into The Woods

Director Bio:


Mr. Jason Webb is a 30+ year veteran of the theater. He has performed in over 85 professional productions all over the Western US and internationally. He has had the blessing to play a vast variety of characters including some of the greatest leading man roles of all time from Jean Valjean in Les Miserable to Harold Hill in The Music Man.


Director’s Note:


There are many places that we find symbolism and parable used to teach a message. The greatest of such examples is, of course, Our Lord Jesus Christ. I think the greatest strength of using symbols is that we can continually apply the truths and principles being taught in different ways throughout the different stages of our lives. When I first heard the soundtrack to Into The Woods in the 90s, I found it a fun story combining some favorite fairy tales but as I have had different life experiences the idea of “going into the woods” to “get my wish” has greatly deepened over time. I pray that the symbolism presented in this story will touch your heart and even help you to have the courage to take control and make your life the story you want to tell.


This show could not have been pulled off without a lot of people helping us from our wonderful Theater Parents to our dear friends and family spending their free time to help us. Thank you all for your help and support. I would like to make special thank you to my wife for taking on the challenge of Music Directing this beautiful music and to my children for helping me into the late hours of the night with set building and putting up with me during the whole process. Thank you to Mrs. Arguelles and Mr. Rodarte for their invaluable collaboration and assistance.  Also a special thank you to the Notre Dame Art Club and Ms. Barron for their many hours designing and painting the beautiful set pieces.


Thank you for participating in this live performance. I say participate because in live theater, unlike any other form of entertainment, the audience is as much a character in the show as the actors. The actors depend on your reactions to what happens on stage, so please feel free to laugh, clap, and react to the action of the play. However, please do not create your own drama that distracts your neighbors and the actors from the story.

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