All Shook Up - March 15 - March 23, 2019

Nyack High School Drama Club

 From the Director 


Welcome to the Nyack Drama Club’s production of All Shook Up!


They say it takes a village, but in theatre I firmly believe it takes a planet. From the actors to the designers, to the incredible crew, our spectacular orchestra, vocal director, wardrobe staff, house staff, sound engineers, props masters, stage management, spot ops, painters, builders, program/poster designers, producers, volunteers, parent organizations, and the Administration… each production is nothing short of it’s own world to create a lasting memory for all of those involved and those who attend.


ALL SHOOK UP has just about everything you would hope to find in a jukebox musical… drama, comedy, Shakespeare and a whole lot of Elvis! The students within the Drama Club handled this production and the change of guard with such grace and professionalism and I want to thank each and every one of them for their efforts in making this show the best it can be.


Thank you again to the Administration here at Nyack High School, Arts Angels, DramaWorks, and Lisa Demarest for getting me through my first season and for your continued support in the arts.


Theatre is important for all students and the Drama Club cannot exist without their ambition, drive and willingness to step forward and share their talents.


Enjoy ALL SHOOK UP and we’ll see you at the One-Acts!


All the best,

Augie Abatecola

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