Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express - December 02 - December 04, 2021

Oakton High School

 Who's Who 

  • Jack Cieslowski

    as Hercule Poirot

    A senior at Oakton who has been in the Drama department since he transferred to Oakton Sophomore year. His other notable shows include Beauty and the Beast, Our Town, Love/Sick, and more. He would like to thank his grandmother for introducing him to the Poirot series.

  • Arvind Suresh

    as Monsieur Bouc

    A senior, starred in Oakton's film premiere of Winter Break.  He would like to thank Yiannis and Mario for helping him with his lines.

  • Zahraa Hussain

    as Mary Debenham

    a junior, is so grateful to been part of such an amazing cast. She would like to thank Ms.G and her amazing stage directors.

  • Ryan Brittenham

    as Hector MacQueen

    A senior, was last seen in the soap opera Phantom at the Opera and as Tom and in A Christmas Carol. He is the President of the Oakton Honor Council and is a proud member of SNHS and HHS. Ryan is thankful for his cast mates and directors and would like to thank his friends and family for all of their love and support, especially his sister Kaitlyn who helped him memorize his lines.

  • Amy Thiam (She/Her)

    as Michel the Conductor

    A junior, is making her debut on the Oakton stage. She has been coming to see Oakton productions since 2015. Amy is so excited for everyone to see the show and proud of everyone involved! She would like to thank her family for helping her run lines and pushing her to take Drama in the first place through her sisters' own experiences as techies and actors.

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