Mean Girls the Musical High School Version - May 05 - May 13, 2023

Oakton High School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Chloe French (She/Her) head shot

    Chloe French (She/Her)

    Stage Manager

    Chloe French is a junior at Oakton, and has been a stage manager in previous productions at Oakton such as Murder on the Orient Express, The Addams Family, Wendy and Peter Pan, and various one acts. Chloe is very grateful for the theatre community and would like to thank her amazing assistant stage managers along with her friends, family, and boyfriend for their continuous support. She hopes you enjoy the show!

  • Alexis Yonkers (She/Her) head shot

    Alexis Yonkers (She/Her)

    Assistant Stage Manager

    This is Alexis Yonkers' 2nd year in tech theatre and as an ASM. She has previously worked in Still Life with Iris, Murder on the Orient Express, Addams Family, Wendy & Peter Pan, and now Mean Girls! She is very excited for the techie back stage dancing, projections, & inside jokes. Finally, she hopes you enjoy the show and come back next year for whatever show is next :)

  • Molly Lionato (She/Her) head shot

    Molly Lionato (She/Her)

    Assistant Stage Manager

    Molly started stage managing this year, and it has quickly taken over her life. Seriously. Good thing she has her friends and fellow techies by her side throughout rehearsals. Mean Girls is her favorite show yet and she's excited to see it! She will miss everyone when it's over :( She will not miss the sparkly pink furniture. Glitter is everywhere.

  • Pyro Maguire head shot

    Pyro Maguire

    King of Actors

    Pyro is so excited to be part of another Oakton production and previously he directed Wendy and Peter Pan. He loves theatre is so grateful to be able to work on Mean Girls! He would like to thank his family and friends for supporting him along the way and thank Ms. J for being such a great mentor. He hopes you all enjoy the show !

  • Christopher Duble (He/Him) head shot

    Christopher Duble (He/Him)

    Head of Props

    Christopher is part of this year's senior class and is in his fourth year of being in the tech department. He's worked on props for previous shows such as Murder on the Orient Express, and The Addams Family. He's really Excited to work on Mean Girls this year and hopes you enjoy the show.

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