Urinetown The Musical - February 29 - March 02, 2024

Olathe South High School


Cast Members  
Officer Lockstock  
Noah Hastings  
Little Sally  
Julianna Bowles  
Penelope Pennywise  
Lake Sowles  
Bobby Strong  
Cole Witt  
Hope Cladwell  
Chloe Klemme  
Mr. McQueen  
Jonas Gipson  
Senator Fipp  
Luke Hooker  
Old Man Strong / Hot Blades Harry / Cop  
Christian Steger  
Tiny Tom / Dr. Billeaux / Cop  
Josh McCall  
Soupy Sue / Cladwell's Secretary / Cop  
Reagan Stelting  
Little Becky Two-Shoes / Mrs. Milennium / Cop  
Rachel Sullivan  
Robby the Stockfish / Business Man #1 / Cop  
Matteo Anselmo  
Billy Boy Bill / Business Man #2 / Cop  
Easton Echols  
Old Woman / Josephine Strong / Cop  
Alicen Silva  
Officer Barrel  
Lucas MacNider  
Caldwell B. Cladwell  
Tristan Jenkins  
Itchy Irene  
Aly Arenholz  
Loopy Lucy  
Darby Braatz  
Ditsy Dylan  
Reece Johnson  
Juicy Jimmy  
Camille Kamseu  
Ms. Prudence  
Madeline Angell  
Mrs. Francine  
Abigail Dodds  
Little Miss Rich  
Angie Rivera  
Ms. TIffany  
Zoey Starke  
Poo Poo Bear  
Poo Poo Bear  
Production / Creative  
Stage Manager / Assistant Director  
Josef Kuehnen  
Stage Manager / Assistant Director  
Hana Obaideen  

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