Disney's Beauty and the Beast - April 18 - April 21, 2013

Olentangy Orange High School

 Director's Note 




Movie musicals made into stage productions are challenging, especially when the musical is a Disney show and as loved as Beauty and the Beast.  When characters and songs are ingrained into the psyche of the public, the pressure on the actors is enormous.  Remember this young cast, crew and even many in the audience do not know a time before these songs existed as the film came out before they were born (1991).  Many can sing along to the songs and some even have the dialogue memorized.  Intimidating.

The technical aspects alone are enough to turn many schools away from this show-- just how do you create costumes for enchanted objects, or transform the beast in to a prince? It is exactly this kind of  creative challenge that makes a show like this come together.  The students and my adult production team have been extremely excited about Beauty and the Beast since we first announced that show, and I could not have done it without each and every one of them.  I cannot adequately express to you how many times I have been delighted by the energy, ideas and sheer ingenuity shown by this team.  Not only have the newest participants of Orangelight Productions surprised me with their hard work and creativity, but the Seniors have also been some of the best leaders I have had in the OOHS theatre.

This senior class holds a special place in my heart as they were my first freshman class when I started teaching here.  I have watched them grow from uncertain techies in their first OOHS stage play, Count Dracula, to skilled, talented and seasoned veterans of the stage.  They have also watched me grow and learn as their director.  They have laughed with me, forgiven me, and trusted me to lead them to the successes that we have all enjoyed in these four years on the Orangelight stage. As they move on next year to continue their lives outside of the Orange family, I hope they remember the lessons, the art, the joys, the disappointments, and the applause that they received from their experiences on our boards.  I will miss you!


Ms. Swain-Abrams

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