Shakespeare in Love - August 29 - September 08, 2019

Opera House Theatre Company


Crew Members  
Mike O'Neil  
Mirla Criste  
Music Director  
Bradford Olson  
Dance Captain  
Devon Jones  
Production Stage Manager  
Alice Sherwood  
Stage Manager  
Peyton Smith  
Costume Designer  
Juli Harvey  
Assistant to Costume Designer  
Ben Turner  
Wardrobe Master  
Terrill Williams  
Makeup and Hair Design  
Sarah Holcomb  
Set Designer  
Terry Collins  
Set Construction  
OHTC and Terry Collins  
Light Design  
Dallas LaFon  
Light Board Operator  
Hope Honaker and Alexis Turkington
Spot Operators  
Lindsey Wright and Nick Fenner  
Sound Design  
Chris Dean and John Deveaux  
Sound Board Operators  
Chris Dean and John Deveaux  
Running Crew  
Erica Betts, Courtney Harding, and Mick Sherwood
Bradford Olson  
Amelia Smith  
Bob Russell  



Special Thanks To

Dorothy Rankin

Adrian Varnam   ●   Lorene Walsh

Debbie Turner and Winnie

Mark Allebach  ●   Diane Jones



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