The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - March 17 - March 26, 2023

Orange Coast College

 Cast & Crew 

Cast Members  
Christopher Boone (Cast A)  
David Paul Cortez  
Christopher Boone (Cast B)  
PJ Ebaugh  
Siobhan (Cast A)  
McKenzie Martell  
Siobhan (Cast B)  
Madeline Loewe-Pollock  
Ed Boone  
Ethan Wiersma  
Judy Boone (Cast A)  
Habiba Zakaria  
Judy Boone (Cast B)  
Mariam Soliman  
Roger Shears/Ensemble (Cast A)  
Sean Carroll  
Roger Shears/Ensemble (Cast B)  
Christian Blandin  
Mrs. Alexander/Ensemble  
Lily Wadsworth  
Mrs. Shears/Ensemble  
Mariia Tumasova  
Mrs. Gascoyne/Ensemble  
Julia Tasedan  
Reverend Peters/Ensemble  
Mahyar Mahboub  
Mr. Thompson/Ensemble  
Baron Nguyen  
Uncle Terry/Ensemble  
Jun Park  
Duty Sergeant/Ensemble  
Jonathan Stacey  
Number 40/Ensemble  
Liahna Flores  
Man Behind the Counter/Ensemble  
Ethan Thinh Ly  
Punk Girl/Ensemble  
Blossom Tanaka  
Man with Socks/Ensemble  
Matthew Rodriguez  
Policeman 1/Ensemble  
Sean Farrell  
Production / Creative  
Wyn Moreno  
Assistant Director/Movement Captain  
Mariia Tumasova  
Stage Manager  
Alexandria Vargas  
Scenic/Props Designer  
David Scaglioni  
Costume Designer  
Cynthia Corely  
Lighting Designer  
Connor Norasing  
Puppets Designed and Constructed  
Brenda Scaglioni  

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