High School Musical: One Act Edition - March 05

Palisades High School

 Who's Who 

  • Zohra Mekki head shot

    Zohra Mekki

    as Gabriella Montez

    Class of 2021 Growing up Zohra attended River Valley Waldorf School where she first developed her love for theater and art. She was a part of her school's theater program from first grade all the way up to her senior year in high school. Zohra was new to Palisades freshman year, and was anxious to start this new chapter in her life without knowing anyone. The theater club was the first to make her feel welcome, especially by the seniors. No matter how intimidating they seemed to be, the seniors built such a friendly and inclusive environment to the theater program, and Zohra wanted to be like them one day. In 2020 Zohra was chosen to be a co-director for the fall play with one of her close friends Madi Smith. Besides theater, Zohra loves to go on adventures outside, hang with friends, and traveling! Her most known hobby is her art which she will develop further next year at Syracuse University majoring in Fine Arts!

  • Brandon Fox head shot

    Brandon Fox

    as Troy Bolton

    Class of 2021 Brandon has been in two musicals including this one. He was Prince Charming in last years musical and he now plays Troy Bolton. Ironically, Brandon is also the captain of his high school basketball team! Brandon’s hard work has allowed him to succeed in both of these time consuming activities. He continues to work hard because of his passion in both of these activities! Brandon plans on being in some music activities and groups in college.


  • Camryn Ivory head shot

    Camryn Ivory

    as Sharpay Evans

    Class of 2023 Camryn is very excited to be performing in this years musical, High School Musical. She's been involved in every musical and play at the high school so far! You might have seen her as the Fairy Godmother in last year's play, Wicked is as Wicked Does or as Juror 7 in 12 Incompetent Jurors. She would like to thank her friends, family, and Mr. Chaban for encouraging her to do her best!

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