Radium Girls - April 22 - April 24, 2021

Palmerton Area Hs

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Frankie Webb head shot

    Frankie Webb

    Light Board

    This is Frankie's 6th show with the drama club. Stage crew has become a home away from home, even with the pandemic. She can’t wait to put on live shows again. Her favorite memory with the club is getting to set off confetti cannons for the finale of Mamma Mia!

  • Paige Cronk head shot

    Paige Cronk

    Sound Board

    This is Paige's 3rd show and first show on sound. Her favorite show to do was A Christmas Story. Some of her favorite memories are being at the booth with Frankie, and making the Big Fish set. 

  • Aidan Heist head shot

    Aidan Heist

    Sound Board

    Aidan has been in five shows so far. His favorite show was A Christmas Story. This year is his first year on sound. He wants to thank his family and friends for supporting him. 

  • Matthew Yurkunas head shot

    Matthew Yurkunas

    Recording/Editing & Front of House

    As Matt's last show, he is very excited to a part of Radium Girls. He has countless memories in stage crew and is very sad to leave this all behind after graduation. Matt would like to thank all of his friends, advisors, Mr. Miller and Mr. Harris, his aunt and uncle, and his brother for giving him the confidence to get where he is today.

  • Ethan Jones head shot

    Ethan Jones


    This is Ethan's eighth show with stage crew. He is very happy to be part of this club and appreciates that everyone worked so hard to keep it going this year. Ethan would like to thank his friends, family, and advisors for their support.

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