The Laramie Project - December 02 - December 10, 2016

Palos Verdes Peninsula High School


Special Thanks


Mitzi Cress – I really appreciate all you have done for me and the department. The support you have shown through this process for this production is a model that principals everywhere should take note of. 


Micah Farrell, Lea Toombs, Michael Wanmer, Season Pollock, the Facilities Crew and the rest of the Staff and Faculty – For the constant support to our students and department.


Jim Bell – For everything you have done over the years. Your words about our current climate and your experiences have only enhanced my passion for this production.


The Cast – Thank you for all the hard work and passion you brought to this production. Your willingness to share who you are has helped this production to reach new heights and you perspective and maturity has continued to impress me. 


The Crew - Holy cow! You guys have been amazing on this production. You may have made my life a million times easier, and I cannot thank you enough.


The Parents  – Thank you for all of contributions.  Without your assistance this program would cease to exist.


Susan Breitenstein – For your ticketing wizardry.


Jana Kelly, Nancy Shafer and all the other parent volunteers– For working so hard for this production.


Leon and Donna – For bringing me up in a world of tolerance and respect.




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