The Music Man - March 17 - March 26, 2017

Palos Verdes Peninsula High School


The Music Man and the Palos Verdes Peninsula High Drama Department would not and could not continue to produce shows without the support of our entire community. We would like to thank the following:


Mitzi Cress – I really appreciate all you have done for the department.  Your contributions to the school and community are innumerable and our appreciation runs deep. Congratulations on a wonderful career, and good luck in your retirement. You have been one of our biggest supporters and cheerleaders and you will be missed.


Micah Farrell, Season Pollock, Lea Toombs, Michael Wanmer, the Facilities Crew and the rest of the Staff and Faculty – For the constant support to our students and department.


Jim Bell – For everything you have done over the years.


The Cast – For stepping up and jumping in 100%. I hope that you have had a great time working on this show.


The Crew – For tackling the largest student constructed set we have had here in years! Outstanding work.


The Parents  – Thank you for all of contributions.  Without your assistance this program would cease to exist.


Susan Breitenstein – For your ticketing wizardry.


Jana Kelly, Nancy Shafer and all the other parent volunteers– For working so hard for this production.


Leon and Donna – Leon reminds me of Charlie Cowell sometimes. So darn surly.

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