Forbidden Broadway Greatest Hits: Vol. 1 - June 11 - June 13, 2021

Palos Verdes Peninsula High School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Zaria Ackermann head shot

    Zaria Ackermann

    Asst. Stage Manager, Costumes Crew

    Zaria enjoyed seeing the top half of everyones faces again. Particularly those of Miz Z, Mr. Cohen, Elena, Tiffany, Alyna, and Alicia.

  • Tiffany Arita head shot

    Tiffany Arita

    Stage Manager

    Tiffany Arita, a junior, is very excited to work on her first online musical. She and her fellow Stage Manager, a.k.a an absolute unit of power, Elena Fischer, have worked hard on making this production the best it can be and have become a full on power couple thanks to the sheer dedication they both have. Tiffany hopes that the audience enjoys it and that they stay healthy during these hard times.

  • Lauren Donatoni head shot

    Lauren Donatoni

    Asst. Stage Manager, Sound Mixing & Design

    Lauren is senior who has been part of the sound team for every school production since her freshman year. She is so sad that her time at Peninsula is coming to an end but is excited for everyone to see this last show!

  • Elena Fischer head shot

    Elena Fischer

    Stage Manager

    Elena is a junior in the Drama department, and while this is her first online musical, this is her sixth show with Mr. Cohen. She hopes that you enjoy this production as much as she enjoyed working on it. She also wants to give a shout out to Tiffany Arita, as a wonderful friend and Stage Manager and the more responsible one of the two. While she and Tiffany are the true power couple of the show, she will accept others in the spotlight. For now. She wants to give an additional shout out to the production team of the show, as though they are small, they are mighty. She hopes that the ghosts of this production haunt your dreams. Or your nightmares.

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