Road To Paradise - August 05 - August 10, 2022

Palos Verdes Peninsula High School


Mounting a production to perform on the international stage is no easy feat, and even though this is our third trip to the Edinburgh Fringe with AHSTF, this process presented its own unique challenges. But, having the opportunity to not only present the premiere production of a show, but presenting a play written by one of our students is uniquely special.


The 17 students that are travelling to the UK with us have been meeting since Septemeber, preparing to enjoy our time in London and in Edinburgh and helping to create this production. Their energy and buy-in have made this production possible and will be getting us on that plane on Friday morning... 


Of course, their are individuals and groups to thank for getting this production off the ground (and in the air):


Dr. Brent Kuykendall, Mrs. Katie Clovis, Dr Jennifer Panagos and Mrs Christina Sunada - It's great having a site administrative team that not only acknowledges but also supports our program taking on such a massive undertaking.


Susan King and the Peninsula High Drama Boosters - Thank you for supporting our program and all of our students year round, and especially for supporting the fundraising efforts that helped our students get to the UK. 


The Parents of our 17 travellers - For trusting me to lead this journey and raising young adults that I can trust to go on this trip. 


The students of our Drama Department - for maintaining the traditions and upholding the excellence that allows us to keep getting invited back to perform in Edinburgh again and again. 


The casts and crews of SeussOdyssey and Girls Like That for providing the foundation needed for this cast and crew to return for third turn on the Fringe stage. 


The cast of Road to Paradise for taking time out of their summer break to do this production and go on this trip.


Nick Froehlig for chaperoning.


Zaria, Christian and Mark for taking the reins of the costume, sound and projection design and helping to build this world.


Alison for attacking the challenge of writing a play and having the confidence to let us premiere it on the world stage. Great work. 


Cammie West, Jake Young, Ray Nezdel and the whole AHSTF and Central Hall Tech Teams for coordinating all of this madness.


And to anyone I may have missed, anyone who supported any of our fundraisers this year and everyone seeing this show, thank you! 





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