The Lightning Thief - May 09 - May 12, 2024

Paschal High School Fort Worth


Crew Members  
Drew Weesner  
Asst. Director/Choreographer  
Jacob Clemmons  
Student Director  
Haley Hooper  
Music Director  
Diana Benoit  
Pit Conductor  
Cal Rustad  
Stage Manager  
Charlie Horton  
Light Designer  
Caleah Johnson  
Light Operator  
Kingsley Marshall  
Sound Technician  
Owen Perry  
Costumer/Stage Hand  
Rosie Griffith  
Prop Master  
Cam Lino  
Stage Hand  
Olivia Carrell  
Stage Hand  
Sabine Stringer  
Stage Hand  
Jaqueline Olea  
Stage Hand  
Felix Lyle  
Pit Musician  
Irene Park  
Pit Musician  
Michaela Boyd  
Pit Musician  
Nexus Coffey  
Pit Musician  
Zeek Luera  

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