Working - April 29 - May 02, 2021

Pelham Memorial HS


Vanessa Rosado: As an 8th grader working backstage for Sock N Buskin’s Barnum, Vanessa felt the love, energy and camaraderie that enveloped everyone in that production and she knew back then that she had found her passion and her second family. It has been an honor to be a part of the casts of Hello, Dolly!, Mamma Mia, Almost Maine, How To Succeed, and Working! Her most treasured high school moments have been on PMHS’s stage and she is grateful for the opportunity, friendships and memories over the last four years. Vanessa would like to give special thanks and strong hugs to Mr. Beck, Mr. Schleifer, Mrs. Abeshouse, Mrs. Connolly, Jesse, Kevin and George. She hopes that Sock N Buskin’s members will continue to foster a community of support and that they will always hold their theater family close to their heart. What an experience, what a journey!


Sophia Leung: In her final show with Sock ’n’ Buskin, Sophia is grateful to have the opportunity to perform with her friends, even online. Being a member of the massive casts of Hello, Dolly!, Mamma Mia!, How to Succeed, and Working has been incredibly rewarding over her four years of high school, and she can’t imagine spending late nights in the auditorium with a more amazing group of people! Sophia would like to thank Mr. Beck, Mr. Schleifer, Mrs. Abeshouse, Mrs. Connolly, Jesse, Kevin, George, and everyone who continues to make Sock ‘n’ Buskin such a successful and supportive program. She sends her congratulations to the entire cast and crew, and she can’t wait to come back to see their successes in the coming years.


Allie Feldman: Allie is extremely lucky to have been a part of Sock’n’Buskin since her freshman year, where she performed in Fools. Since then, she has been a part of the casts of Hello, Dolly!, How to Succeed, Diary of Anne Frank, and of course, Working. She is absolutely blown away by the cast and crew for their willingness to adapt virtually and bring this musical to life.  She would like to thank everyone who has made Sock’n’Buskin such a meaningful experience, including Mr. Beck, Mr. Schleifer, George, Jesse, Kevin, and Mrs. Abeshouse. She hopes that Sock’n’Buskin will continue to be a place filled with camaraderie and support.


Chloe Catana: Chloe is so grateful for all of the amazing experiences she has had throughout Sock‘n’Buskin. Chloe has been in Mamma Mia, Almost Maine, How to Succeed, and as Margot Frank in Anne Frank, as well as Roberta Victor in Working. She is so moved by everyone’s dedication to Sock ‘n’ Buskin, especially during this pandemic. She will forever be thankful for all of the amazing people she has met throughout her years performing in Sock‘n’Buskin. She would love to give extra thanks to Mr. Beck, Mr. Schleifer, Mrs. Abeshouse, Mrs. Connolly, Jesse, Kevin, and George. She will miss all of the underclassmen so much and cannot wait to come see them perform in future shows. 

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