Curiouser: A New Musical (Encore Presentation) - July 07 - July 10, 2022

Penny & Pound Theatre Productions (formerly Part & Parcel)


Cast Members  
Charles Dodgson  
Arthur G. Brook  
The Hatter  
Nathan W. Farmer  
Young Charles  
Benjamin Pickles  
Reverend Dodgson  
John Settle  
Corina Dunn  
Alice Liddell  
Mo Pickles  
Ina Liddell/The Eaglet  
Hannah Dunn  
Edith Liddell  
Evonny Harker  
Lorina Liddell/Mock Turtle  
Kelly Bolton  
Henry Liddell/The White Knight  
Scott Mountain  
Gertrude Thomson  
Piper J. Distel  
Uncle Skeffington  
Richard Cook  
Aunt Lucy  
Katherine Taylor  
The Doctor/Ensemble  
Jacob Hundt  
The Headmaster/Rose/Ensemble  
John Albert Logo  
Tweedle Sister/Tweedledee  
John Michael Kelly  
Tweedle Sister/Tweedledum  
Matt Kelly  
Master Eagleson/Rose/Ensemble  
Michael Pinho  
Master Lawrence/March Hare  
Shae Carr  
Master Duckworth/Children’s Ensemble  
Charleigh Perry  
Miss Prickett/The Lory  
Danielle Dunn  
The White Rabbit/Rose  
CJ Gerigs  
The Duchess/Lady Hyacinth McQuade  
Joanne Kitzman  
The Duck/The Nutty Milliner  
Emaan Ansari  
The Knave of Hearts/Graduate  
Joshua Lautsch-Rees  
The White Queen  
Megann Friesen  
The Cheshire Cat  
Chloe Distel  
The Caterpillar/Rose/Ensemble  
Matt Lindow  
The Red Queen  
Nara Farrell  

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