A Midsummer Night's Dream - June 07

Philips Academy Charter School

 Who's Who 

  • Kenny Edouard head shot

    Kenny Edouard

    as Theseus, Duke of Athens

    Kenny will be attending Hillside High School in the fall.

  • Summer Ann Foster-Bey head shot

    Summer Ann Foster-Bey

    as Hermia

    Summer will be attending Union Catholic in the fall.

  • Deborah Akinyemi head shot

    Deborah Akinyemi

    as Hippotyta, Queen of the Amazons

    Deborah will be attending St. Vincent High School in the fall.

  • Haleem Lowe head shot

    Haleem Lowe

    as Lysander, young courtier in love with Hermia

    Haleem will be attending Rising Star Academy in the fall.

  • Justin Roach head shot

    Justin Roach

    as Demetrius, preferred by Egeus as a match for Hermia

    Justin will be attending Cristo Rey High School in the fall.

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