RENT - December 23 - January 21, 2023

Pinch ‘n’ Ouch Theatre


Cast Members  
Mark Cohen  
Layne MacPherson  
Roger Davis  
Grant McGowen  
Mimi Marquez  
Mikaela Holmes  
Tom Collins  
Ian Cole Ingram  
Angel Schunard  
Tyrell Ruffin  
Maureen Johnson  
Kenedi Deal  
Joanne Jefferson  
Vallea E. Woodbury  
Benjamin Coffin III (1/27)  
Leo Ebanks  
Benjamin Coffin III (1/28)  
LeRell Ross  
Gordon, The Man, Pastor, Restaurant Man, Ensemble  
Keenan Green  
April, Pat*, Cat Scratch Club Dancer, Homeless/Junkie Ensemble  
Raisa D’Oyley  



Friday 1/27 & Saturday 1/28 Extended Run Info:



Original run cast members Nichole Marie Turner (Ensemble), Rachael Simpson (Ensemble), Sarah Hofaker (Ensemble), and Alfonso Lora (Angel) were not able to join us for the extended run. Some choreography adjustments/cuts have been made. 


We are thrilled for Tyrell Ruffin (previously Ensemble) to take over the role of Angel! Leo Ebanks will be Benny 1/27 and LeRell Ross will be Benny 1/28.


Raisa D'Oyley (Ensemble) is a new addition to our cast!




Mrs. Cohen: Kenedi Deal

Mr. Jefferson: Leo Ebanks

Mrs. Jefferson & Mrs. Davis: Vallea E. Woodbury

Alexi Darling: Tyrell Ruffin

Mrs. Marquez: Mikaela Holmes



*Please click the "Photos" tab at the top of the Playbill to learn more about our friends honored in "Life Support"

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