The Pirates of Penzance (Public Domain) - April 07 - April 11, 2021

Pinkerton Academy


Act I  
"Pour, oh pour, the pirate sherry"  
Samuel and Chorus of Pirates
"When Fred'ric was a little lad"  
"Oh, better far to live and die"  
Pirate King and Chorus of Pirates
"Oh! false one, you have deceiv'd me"  
Frederic and Ruth
"Climbing over rocky mountain"  
Chorus of Girls
"Stop, ladies, pray"  
Edith, Kate, Frederic, and Chorus of Girls
"Oh, is there not one maiden breast?"  
Frederic and Chorus of Girls
"Poor wand'ring one"  
Mabel and Chorus of Girls
"What ought we to do?"  
Edith, Kate, and Chorus of Girls
"How beautifully blue the sky"  
Mabel, Frederic, and Chorus of Girls
"Stay, we must not lose our senses" ... "Here's a first-rate opportunity to get married with impunity"  
Frederic and Chorus of Girls and Pirates
"Hold, monsters"  
Mabel, Major-General, Samuel, and Chorus
"I am the very model of a modern Major-General"  
Major-General and Chorus
Finale Act I  
Mabel, Kate, Edith, Ruth, Frederic, Samuel, King, Major-General, and Chorus

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