The Prom - March 17 - March 26, 2023

Pittsburgh Capa 6-12

 Who's Who 

  • Rissa Williams

    as Dee Dee Allen

    is a junior Musical Theatre major who is beyond joyful to have been given the opportunity of this role. They love to work their craft, inside and out, every day because to them they can always do more. Rissa enjoys both the onstage and offstage experiences because the audience and those beaming lights make everything worth it. They want to thank all their musical instructors who helped let this show become amazing, their family, their friends who spent late nights with them, and to anyone out there that this story can really show them what queer love is like.

  • Kai Sachon

    as Barry Glickman

    is so grateful to have the privilege of being apart of yet another CAPA musical! His credits include: Seaweed J. Stubbs  (Hairspray) for which he earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the Gene Kelly Awards, Lord Farquaad (Shrek the Musical TYA), Cinderella’s Prince (Into the Woods), and this September, Kai will be appearing as Jack (Lord of the Flies) at Little Lake Theater. Kai is a proud Pittsburgh CLO Academy student and would like to thank all of his supportive teachers at the academy. He would also like to thank Ms. Williams, Mr. Lucas, and Mrs. Lybarger for their infinite amount of support everyday! INSTA: @kai.sachon 

  • Eleanor Bain

    as Angie Dickenson

    is so zazzed to be in The Prom! As a senior musical theater major, she is very sad that this is her final all-school musical, but she is incredibly grateful for the people she’s met and the experiences she’s had in her seven transformative years at CAPA. You may remember her—or at least her nose—as Pinocchio in the department’s production of Shrek the Musical earlier this year! She’d like to give a special shout-out to all of her teachers, especially Mrs. Lybarger, Ms. Williams, and Mr. Fedele, who inspired and encouraged her to grow. She couldn’t have done it, and probably wouldn’t have even been able to try, without them!!

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