Pride and Prejudice - October 07 - October 09, 2021

Plano Senior High School


Thanks so much for being here! 


I am very excited for you to experience the inaugural production for Laura and myself, as we are both new to Plano Senior High this year. It’s extra special for me, as I am a Plano Theatre alumnus (Class of 2004) and have not directed in this space since my senior year of high school (a very chaotic but promising production of Neil Simon’s Rumors)! 


Coming back to Plano Senior has been a dream of mine since I began teaching in the district 11 years ago, and it feels incredible to be here creating theatre with these students. Furthermore, many of the students on stage and behind the scenes are what I’m calling “former/current students”, because I taught many of them in their younger years when they attended Schimelpfenig and/or Vines. Reuniting with them has been an incredibly special and unique experience, and has made the transition to Plano Senior that much easier.


This adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is a bit different from the classic novel/miniseries/movie you may be familiar with. It’s fast, funny, flirtatious and physical. We’ve also found places to add modern touches/anachronisms to the show to help bring what we’re doing into a modern context.


I could not be prouder of our cast, crew and production team. The work you’re seeing tonight/today is the result of weeks of rehearsal, study and preparation, and I think you’ll find the effort was worthwhile.


Thanks again for being here and enjoy the show!


Clay Wheeler

Theatre Director

Plano Senior High School

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