Oedipus the King - July 17 - August 01, 2020

Play Your Part

 A Note from the Director 



Our production of Oedipus the King was an idea that germinated nearly three years ago alongside the founding of Play Your* Part. The extraordinary talents and steadfast perseverance it has taken to bring this story to life, in a manner and medium unimaginable at that time, is truly remarkable. Never did I think that as a theatre maker, I would be asking if we have the technology to achieve the storytelling of a live production. I am in awe of the tenacity of the artists who are all carefully maneuvering to continue to tell stories and practice their craft in the midst of a pandemic, in a medium many have never encountered before. 



This is a story of the relentless seeking of the truth, about the faith and devotion of a people during a plague, and about an incomprehensible act of free will. This is a play about the struggle for freedom, about survival, about questioning authority, raising one’s voice in protest, demanding proof, and facing the ugly truth.


The world of this ancient play is not so far from the world we live in today. But the willingness of today’s leaders to step forward, take on the burden of responsibility to save their people, and in the case of Oedipus, save them from himself - that has changed. Oedipus is complex and imperfect, just like any leader. Even in the face of the undeniable, he proclaims his victories and makes his successes known. It could be argued that he selfishly saves himself from the horror of witnessing others seeing him as the abomination of his destiny; or that his self mutilation proves that free will exists, no matter one’s fate. Ultimately, he pays the price he has laid out for the guilty party, as a hero and a coward simultaneously. But with his exile, the plague is lifted and the people are saved from suffering.


What would the world be like if our leaders today did what was best for the people instead of what was best for their careers, financial portfolios, or egos? What “plagues” would be cured?


We hope our production inspires you to act on behalf of those who need it most. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

Thank you for playing your part.

~Michael Raimondi

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