All Together Now! - November 12 - November 15, 2021

Play-by-Play Theatre


Cast Members  
The Company  
Mitchell Blohm
Devon Breecher
Maddie Budner
Megan Carpenter
Linda Feldmann
Kevin Flogel
Amelia Gibbons
David Gusloff
Kelly Gusloff
Dave Harper
Katie Keck
Eileen Kozlovsky
Amanda Meo
Aubrey Rose Mitchell
Tim Olejniczak
Judy Patefield
Emily Terrell Paulsen
Carolyn Silverberg
Charly Sparks
Mary Kay Vande Logt
Ali Weaver
ASL Signer  
Tia Peterson  
Production / Creative  
Stage Manager  
Katie Schroeder  
Lighting Designer  
Kit Honkanen  
Choreographer (Spread the Love Around)  
Andréa Hearden  
Choreographer (Consider Yourself)  
Kevin Flogel  
Music Director  
Mary Ehlinger  
Rochelle Van Erem  
Mary Ehlinger  

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