Let Us Entertain You - September 23


  Who's Who  

  • Michael E. Merritt

    Producer, Director

    Michael E. Merritt is a producer, playwright, and director. He is currently developing a musical, The Guardians, and an untitled television pilot. He’s passionate about writing pieces that share his unique perspective on life. Michael has been an Emergency Room Registered Nurse for over 22 years. During his career, Michael has witnessed an extraordinary amount of human pain and suffering. Although he has seen more tragedy than most people will see in their entire lifetime, his message remains clear: that each of us has the freedom and the power within us to rise above life’s misfortunes, and ultimately, to discover the serene beauty in life. Michael uses his personal and professional experiences to write pieces that give hope and inspiration to the world. In addition to his unique ability to make people laugh, Michael inspires people to see their world differently.


  • Molly Skye Brown

    Producer, Video Production

    Molly Skye Brown has been commanding the stage and landing on the front pages of the local paper since kindergarten. Beginning with starring in the double roll of Clara and a flower in The Nutcracker, Molly has been a continual ambitious overachiever. Her passions for Broadway rose from the time of her deepest painm using musical theater as an escape from trauma. The first musical she fell in love with was Annie, followed by Little Shop of Horrors. Jesus Christ Superstar sealed her fate as a lover of theatre for all of time, and once her father took her to see Les Misérables in San Francisco on its first national tour, Molly knew Broadway held her heart and that she would find a way to contribute to Broadway and thank it for all that it’s given her and gives her still when she needs hope and light the most.


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